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We demand a public apology...

On 2 September, Abortion Rights UK published a blog post, written by Abortion Rights' Chair, Kerry Abel, in which Abortion Resistance was falsely accused of being an extremist organisation responsible for taking aborted foetuses from an abortion clinic.

At the end of the article, Kerry conflates the United States-based anti-abortion organisation Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU) with Abortion Resistance.

Abortion Resistance would like to make the following perfectly clear to those lacking the common sense to do basic research before making false allegations about another organisation on a public blog site: Abortion Resistance is a United Kingdom-based group that seeks to spread awareness about the abortion issue by:

  • engaging with young people on social media

  • hosting events for anti-abortion youth

  • speaking about various abortion-related issues on the streets of the United Kingdom.

Abortion Resistance has no involvement with clinic protesting, fake crisis pregnancy centres or taking foetal remains from abortion mills.

Not only is Abortion Right's article an embarrassment, but it is a serious act of libel.

Abortion Resistance has requested that the article be removed and that Abortion Rights issue a public apology to Abortion Resistance.

Abortion Resistance has sent Abortion Rights a pre-action protocol letter that you can find below:

Abortion Resistance - Pre-Action Protocol Letter to Abortion Rights UK (1)
Download PDF • 145KB

Please join us in contacting Abortion Rights UK ( to hold them accountable for spreading misinformation and to ask them to remove their blog and make a public apology to Abortion Resistance.

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