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Reasons why people are pro-abortion: lies and naivety

Why would you want to be pro-abortion? What is it exactly about this procedure, often referred to as “healthcare”, that causes people to work themselves up into a frenzy in defence of it? The anger at the thought of losing it is readily apparent in those who view it as a necessary good and a valid option should they or their partners fall pregnant. The reasons for abortion advocacy are many and varied, thus, this blog post is the first in a series devoted to making our way through them all.

People who ascribe to the pro-abortion narrative don’t always 100% understand exactly what it is that they are standing for. They don’t acknowledge the point at which life begins, they don't know where abortion came from, they don’t realise the emotional toll abortion can have on women and men and, sometimes, they don’t even realise what the abortion procedure is and what it entails.

There are instances where people can be let off the hook somewhat for being ignorant. There are lies that are constantly spun by the media, the government and the healthcare system about abortion. As the last two are bodies that society is supposed to be able to rely on for accuracy and safety, this makes their lies even more compelling. If a doctor tells you that life doesn’t begin at conception, and you are someone who is not inclined to do your own research, you’ll probably accept as true whatever an authority figure tells you.

In the same way that if a chemist tells you that lightning strikes produce ozone, and thus strengthens the ozone layer of the atmosphere, you wouldn’t necessarily know whether this is true or not because there is a good chance that you aren’t a chemist, haven’t studied atmospheric chemistry and haven’t observed in detail the effects of lightening before (this chemistry fact is true by the way!). So you’d probably just believe them because, hey, they are chemist - they would know…right?

So too, if a doctor tells you that abortion is perfectly safe, will definitely not impact your mental and physical health and isn’t causing the death of a baby, but rather "eliminates a problem", their authority on the subject can easily lull you into a false sense of security. There are many bad doctors who will actively conceal from their patients what an abortion entails physically for the woman and her child.

If you are able, you should look into what an abortion procedure involves. The barbaric, cold, evil nature of it is shocking. It is a terrible, terrible thing for a woman to have to go through, let alone the poor, defenseless baby. But many women enter a clinic and climb, either willingly or as a result of being directly or indirectly coerced, onto the operating table, being completely unaware of what is about to happen to them and their baby. They trusted the people at the clinic to look after them. But they were lied to.

The truth is, abortion is premised entirely on lies. It was first legalised in Russia, helped by a woman named Alexandra Kollontai, and was done so to give women the impression that they could take control of their lives and would no longer have to choose between seemingly the only two options available to them - marriage or prostitution. In actuality, this movement was part of the Bolshevik revolution and the Bolsheviks wanted to control child rearing so that they could mould all offspring into obedient little communists. If you’ve ever studied the Russian Revolution you’ll know that one of the first things it resulted in was the murder of the entire Romanov family. So yeah - bad news from the start.

And don’t get me started on people like Margaret Sanger who advocated for abortion as a means of "purifying bloodlines". Interestingly, she suffered the loss of her own disabled daughter - something that she never got over. In fact, she repeatedly tried in vain to contact her daughter in séances. Women don’t just “get over” the loss of their children. Death can cause serious mental trauma - and this is just as apparent in women who have aborted their children. But that is a topic for another day.

Abortion has been used repeatedly throughout recent history as a carrot dangled in front of women to encourage them to behave in a certain way for someone else's dreadful and clandestine gain.

It is time to unveil the lies and realise what abortion truly is, namely, the betrayal of children by their own parents in the name of false freedom.

This is why it is SO important to actually sit down and realise the full implications behind an ideology before endorsing it entirely. Read up on the history of it. Examine all the different stats. Study the biology of it all (we suggest figuring out, biologically, where life begins). Ensure that you aren’t being lied to. And most importantly, make sure that the ideology that you ascribe to isn’t resulting in the mass destruction of innocents.

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Margaret Sanger was anti abortion

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