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Entry 6: Dear diary...

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

While the rest of the UK huddled under blankets, sipping tea and watching Christmas flicks on a Sunday afternoon, Abortion Resistance was out braving the sub zero streets of London.

When I say I have never been colder, I really mean I HAVE NEVER BEEN COLDER. I wish I could say that we didn't feel the cold because we were a-glow with purpose and warmed by the receptivity of those we encountered. But alas, we poor little Brits are accustomed to a much more temperate climate.

The theme of this rally was disability. In a society that claims to be so compassionate and accepting of all peoples, it is shocking that so many abortions that occur in the UK are due to people rejecting those with disabilities. In 2021 alone, 3,370 abortions were performed due to suspected foetal disability. Abortion enables the able-bodied to discriminate against those who are disabled making it the most perverse form of able-ism. Isn't this reminiscent of a certain "master race" ideology? Its straight from the manifesto of Nazism.

As we stood in the cold, our frozen fingers clutched around the corners of colourful signs that people responded to in a variety of ways. While one woman spent a good few minutes shouting at some members of the team, a whole GROUP of people saw us, were extremely enthusiastic about the cause and ended up taking up posters and joining us on the pavement before the Houses of Parliament. They were true heroes - super heroes if you include the fact that they were clearly impervious to the cold!

Once Big Ben tolled 4 o'clock, we wearily relinquished our posters and trudged with relief into the warmth of the nearest pub. One of our members had lost so much feeling in her feet that, as we walked/ran to the pub, she complained that she felt like she was wearing flippers. We told her to "quack" on with it and to stop complaining.

We, the founders, are IMMENSELY proud of everyone who showed up to the rally. This one was definitely the hardest yet - standing almost motionless in sub zero temperatures was not a particularly fun way to spend an afternoon, yet people did not abandon the cause. They stayed to the bitter end. Our AR-my have yet again proven themselves to be a tough bunch who are willing to brave the elements to help save the babies. An especially big shout out to those who came for the first time. That certainly was a baptism by fire situation! You all are absolute champs.

This was our last rally of 2022 - a brilliant way to close the activism of Abortion Resistance for the year. But don't worry! We will be right back after the holidays and we already can't wait to see everyone at our next rally.


The Abortion Resistance Founders

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