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Entry 4: Dear diary...

Yesterday Abortion Resistance had its second ever rally. It was a VERY hot day (reaching a high of 26°) and so by the end of it there were many burnt and browned faces that trudged into the pub. We had this rally in Trafalgar Square, beneath the National Art Gallery, which unfortunately offered no shade from the scorching sun.

This rally's theme was the different stages of foetal development. Our fabulous Director of PR & Media designed 33 brightly coloured posters, each featuring the different stages. However, rather than showing actual images of the foetus in utero, their respective sizes were represented using different fruits and vegetables. On top of this, each poster contained facts about that particular stage that were taken directly from the NHS website (including the corresponding links!). There were 33 posters for 33 people. Only much to our delight, we ended up having MORE people than posters! Over 40 ARmy members showed up to take a stand under an unforgiving sun, and before often unforgiving members of the public.

At various points throughout the afternoon “unforgiving” was an understatement. We were spat at, sworn at, flipped off, screamed at, physically shoved, and bestowed a plethora of disgusted glances. Yet, equally, we each experienced moments of gratitude, admiration, and support, which honestly boosted morale and spurred us on. What was shocking however, was the fact that those members of the public who did support us, often did so furtively, whispering words of support and giving us quick and subtle thumbs up. It is so sad that they do not feel that they can openly be pro-life. However, it also showed us that, although the media would have you believe that most everyone is pro-choice, there are those out there who believe otherwise, and just haven’t yet found the courage to step out the box and express their views.

As well as holding posters with the different foetal development stages, we also gave out leaflets containing the numbers of crisis pregnancy centres and places where post-abortive men and women who need help can turn to. We were pleased that a lot of people did accept these leaflets - though admittedly there were a few shredded pieces of the leaflet blowing around us in the wind by the end of the afternoon.

Overall, it was an incredibly positive experience. The directors were all EXTREMELY impressed with the numbers that showed up. They all showed an awesome amount of courage standing before the general public and taking abuse like champs. After a full three hours, the ARmy retired to the nearest pub for a well-deserved drink in the shade. Well done to everyone who came! We had an amazing time and we look forward to seeing YOU there next time!


The Abortion Resistance Founders

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