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2022 wrap up!

It's the end of Abortion Resistance's first official year as a functioning organisation, and what a year it's been! After launching on 19th February we've hosted and attended multiple pro-life rallies in both rain and shine, we've launched initiatives such as our podcast and blog and, most importantly, we've grown an AR-my of over 150 passionate young people who are ready and raring to defend the rights of the unborn.

Rallies, marches and outreach As you may know, it's our aim to host an Abortion Resistance Rally fairly regularly. Proudly, we can say that our plan was successfully carried out this year, with lots of lessons learnt along the way. Our themed rallies have been hosted all across London, as well as in Bournemouth, where we've focused on topical issues such as coerced abortion, foetal development, abortion in cases of disabilities and raising awareness about the dangers of buffer zones. All of these rallies incorporated an element of outreach (and an element of fun at the pub after!) as we distributed all kinds of literature and infographics. We're always aiming to raise awareness about the hidden truths of abortion and to offer support to those who might need it.

"Dear diary" & blog posts The vast majority of our activities are followed by a "Dear diary" entry where the founders provide an account of the day. Click the link below to catch up with all "Dear diary" entries so far! We also now have quite a backlog of blog posts that cover an array of abortion related topics. If you're struggling with how to answer questions from pro-aborts, or are interested in learning about the history surrounding abortion, then definitely check out the other posts.

Power in Courage podcast Launching our podcast (the first UK pro-life podcast might we add!) has been one of our most exciting initiatives of this year. Hopefully you've listened to one of our "Meet the Team" episodes and are getting to know our various team members better. Check out our newest episode, hot off the press! It was released yesterday, featuring our very special guest, Dr Dermot Kearny. Thomas, our Director of Audiovisual Production, delves into Doctor Kearny's present work on Abortion Pill Reversal. If you've missed this episode, or our previous episode with Elijah from Dank Pro-Life Memes, then do head on over to our Spotify (link below) or YouTube channel to catch up. Feel free to like, follow and subscribe to our platforms so you don't miss any upcoming episodes!

The "socials" We can't forget to highlight the "socials" that have had a huge impact on AR's growth this year. Namely, our social events that we've been organising in order to grow community amongst young pro-lifers, and also our many social media platforms. From our launch event in February to our Halloween Party in October, we've been continuously hosting social events for all pro-life young people to enjoy. It's been very encouraging to witness the growth of Abortion Resistance first hand and get to know our pro-life generation. Rest assured, they are out there, regardless of what mainstream media would have you think! We advertise all of our social events via our multiple social media platforms, which brings us to our other kind of "social". As I'm sure you are aware, we have a strong and ever-growing online presence. This online presence has been a vital front line for our organisation as we engage with both pro-life and pro-abortion youths, particularly on TikTok. All of our social media platforms have grown exponentially over the past nine months as we have done our best to create engaging, entertaining and educational content. Our social media channels are: TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and different messaging apps such as Telegram. Our handle is @abortionresist across them all. Please do follow us to stay abreast of our activities and we'd greatly appreciate it if you could like and share where possible. Let's get the pro-life message out there!

2023 here we come... Abortion Resistance have some big announcements, plans and projects to look forward to in the new year that we cannot wait to share with you! In addition to this, we have many great resources on offer and in the new year we are looking to promote and develop these even further. So please do get in touch if you would like more info on our: workshops, presentations, talks and school and university visits. We are on the look out for more blog post contributors as we hope to expand our blog library. Please get in touch by messaging any of our social media pages or contacting us via our website if you would like to get involved and enjoy writing on the issue of abortion and those surrounding. We are continuing to produce up-to-date educational literature, flyers and leaflets. We are also developing training courses on anti-abortion apologetics and public activism. Another focus is the configuration of a programme to help pro-life young people with public speaking and communication. In order to do this, we need your financial help. If you aren't already, please do consider donating or setting up a monthly standing order to us.

All that's left now is to thank you profusely for your support over this past year. Thanks to you and all of the AR-my, Abortion Resistance has truly found it's feet this year and has set off at a steady pace. If you don't have any social media but would like to keep up with our organisation, please do consider subscribing to our Telegram channel. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our website. If you wish to get more involved, please visit the rest of our website to find out how you can help.

We really do love hearing from you so please get in touch and we look forward to seeing you at pro-life events this upcoming year. On that note, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! XOXO The Abortion Resistance Team

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1 Comment

Tony Balonie boy
Tony Balonie boy
Jan 16, 2023

Well done to all you guys! keep working hard! 😀

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