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Abortion Resistance is a UK-based, youth led, youth- focused organisation dedicated to ending the culture of death by actively advocate for a better solution than abortion.

Our mission is:

  • to empower individuals to cultivate a culture of life by giving them constant support, community and guidance.

  • to inspire action by promoting equal rights through education on the exploitative nature of the abortion industry.

  • to encourage change in our society by campaigning for better services for pregnant women and parents and by rallying in resistance against the regressive abortion industry. 

We are resisting abortion for: 

  • the 9+ million unborn humans who have been legally dehumanized and killed in the UK since the 1967 Abortion Act.

  • the 9+ million women who have been lied to and left hurting and heart-broken by the abortion industry.

  • the many men who have suffered after an abortion decision and have been utterly disregarded and silenced by society.

  • the families who grieve the loss of their future generations taken from them by abortion.

  • our society - we deserve better than abortion.


We rely on the kindness and generosity of our supporters. 

With your help, we are working to end abortion in the United Kingdom. 

Any and all donations, however large or small, are most welcome!

There is so much to do to spread the culture of life in our country.

Your skills and talents can change hearts and save lives. 

So get involved with Abortion Resistance today.

We stand against abortion  by:


Empowering Individuals

Inspiring Action

Encouraging Change


We are the UK’s Abortion Resistance.



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