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Nehemie Lanahan

Outreach Officer

Heyyy, my name is Nehemie and I’m originally from the Caribbean but live in Scotland. In my free time I love to watch a good old fashioned rom-com, make jewellery and have a good wee laugh.

Abortion preys on women and their unborn children. Why does society push the false narrative that killing an innocent unborn child is a human right? Society wants us to believe that women cannot be mothers and be powerful and successful.

When I was in highschool I saw so many of my friends (young women) being forced into believing and doing things that they now still haven’t come to terms with. We women are capable of great things and deserve to be treated right - and our unborn babies too. Unborn babies are the key to future generations - we need to start lifting up women and helping them see the wonder that new life is!

I am pro-life because I stand for what is right. I stand for life. That is why I am part of Abortion Resistance.

Nehemie Lanahan
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