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Comunications Manager

Hi, I’m Madelyn! I am from Wales, but currently work and live in London.

I have grown up in a big family and was always taught to care for anyone less fortunate or more vulnerable than myself. This lead to me being pro-life from a young age, but only in the last few years I have realised what it really means to say that.

‘Pro-Life’ is not just a group or a political stance; it means I believe in equality and that unborn children should have unconditional chance at life. It means I believe mothers should never be in a situation where they have to “choose” life or death for their baby.

For centuries members of society have lost their basic human rights and been treated as less valuable than others because they were different, whether it was for the colour of their skin, their religion, or simply where they were born. Now we are taking away the basic human right to life because of age. In no time or country should this be acceptable.

So, I will do everything I can to give the smallest and most vulnerable humans a voice and equal human rights. That is why I am part of Abortion Resistance.

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