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Isabella Di Falco

Marketing Manager

Hi there! I’m Isabella and I'm from Buckinghamshire.

After having recently spent time in the USA studying, I’m now back home in the UK, working in London where I belong. I’m a fan of anything that means I’ll be outdoors, especially if it’s sunny. In my spare time you’ll probably find me on the longest walk I can find or starting another cross-stitch project.

I believe that the most fundamental right of all human beings is the right to life. Our society preaches that abortion provides empowerment and success when, in reality, it undermines the dignity of the human person, exploiting the most innocent and vulnerable of lives.

Being anti-abortion is something I take very seriously. I want everyone to see the abortion industry's true colours and expose it for what it truly is - the physical and mental torture of both mother and child alike. This abuse has to stop. That is why I am part of Abortion Resistance.

Isabella Di Falco
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