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Events Manager

My name is Christina and I was born and raised in England with Iraqi-Armenian heritage. I love to host dinner parties, explore new scenes, go out for drinks, and be with family.

I have been against abortion since day one. I use logic to prove how destructive it is, mentally and physically, for women and how it takes innocent human lives.

I won’t sit back and watch men use women with no concept of responsibility. I refuse to let women feel as if they’re alone with no support. I will not allow the media, the government, and schools to teach young men that their actions won't have consequences.
I definitely won’t be told that women are not strong enough to do everything they want, even with a baby.

I won’t stand for a world that won’t stand for women. I won’t see another woman walk into an abortion clinic feeling it is her only choice. That is why I am part of Abortion Resistance.

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