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Alexandra Di Falco

Director of Communications

Hello! My name is Alexandra and I live in Buckinghamshire. In my spare time I'm a reader, a writer, an amateur artist, and a film critic. But all the time I'm pro-life.

I'm pro-life because abortion is more than just a lifestyle choice - it's a human rights issue. Life begins at conception and, as such, the unborn are worthy of our protection. They are the most fragile, vulnerable and innocent members of society, yet society denies them their personhood.

I want to help demonstrate to society that by supporting atrocities like abortion, they are participating in and contributing to a culture of death.

Without the most basic right that we as humans should possess, the right to life, the pillars of society will crumble and will send the world into chaos. I want to help prevent this chaos. That is why I am part of Abortion Resistance.

Alexandra Di Falco
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