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Hall of Fame: Amanda Lewin

Anti-abortion activists are often unsung heroes; those who quietly go about changing hearts and minds. One such hero is Amanda Lewin. Despite having had a very busy life being the mother of six children, and now being a grandmother (though you’d never guess it to look at her!) she is a full-time anti-abortion advocate. Throughout the years Amanda has shown true dedication to her anti-abortion cause, having spent SO MUCH time peacefully protesting outside of abortion clinics.

Every month on a Saturday, come rain or shine, Amanda has organised a peaceful vigil. As she is naturally a charismatic and motivated leader, she has managed to rally together groups of people over the years to accompany her in her silent stand-offs with abortion clinics.

Many of our members grew up following her exploits and have known her to be a wonderfully steady face for the anti-abortion movement. She has shown the next generation how to gracefully go about activism. Despite having received her fair share of abuse from abortion advocates, who can often be quite violent in their outbursts, she has persevered.

By her efforts, she challenges us to consider the time we ourselves spend in the fight against the horrors of abortion, and motivates us to do more. Having dedicated much of her life to anti-abortion work, it is with pride that we hang her portrait as the first in our anti-abortion hall of fame.

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