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Entry 3: Dear diary...

The Abortion Resistance Team love a good party. Last week, to mark 10 weeks since our launch, we held our very first Power in Courage Party - or "PinC Party" as we prefer to call it!

It was an amaaaazzzing night and was it was super encouraging to see LOADS of new faces there!

But we are going to be honest with you - finding a venue for this event turned out to be a lot harder than we expected. The truth is, we had a a venue cancel on us TWO DAYS before the event date. This was obviously an enormous spanner in the works as we had almost no time to make a new plan and were expecting around 80 guests, who we were going to have to make sure were kept in the loop so that they didn't end up going to the wrong place! So the team put their heads together and eventually managed to find a new venue (the night before the event) that was willing accept 80 people into their establishment at short notice.

So, phew!!

BUT...drrraamaaa - the original venue admitted to us that the reason they cancelled on us was because they found out we were pro-life! How shocking is that?! The venue completely breached the 2010 Equality Act, thereby cancelling our booking illegally. They discriminated against a group of people going for drinks simply because they held a pro-life belief (which, by the way, is a protected characteristic). This is the kind of animosity that we face - people are mindlessly hateful and biased towards those who have opinions they don't agree with.

Despite everything, we still manged to have a wonderful evening. This PinC Party marks the first of many. We were really encouraged by the crowd that showed up! In future, we also hope to see many more faces showing up to our rallies with the same vigour that they showed up to the party.

Youth of London! We know you are out there! It is time to start showing up for our peers and for the unborn! But who said we can't have fun whilst doing it? At the PinC Party everyone got to meet new people who share the same opinions and world views. It is incredibly rare to bump into people organically who are pro-life, such that when you do eventually meet other pro-lifers, you feel like you have struck gold!

Thus, we are honoured and thrilled to be able to provide a space for people to meet and connect with other like-minded youth. This first PinC Party, despite the difficulties we faced initially, ending up being a smashing success, with loads of people turning up throughout the night. We already can't wait for the next one and we hope you see YOU there!


The Abortion Resistance Founders

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