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Entry 2: Dear diary...

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Dear diary,

Yesterday we took a trip into Central London - to Parliament Square specifically. You'll never guess what we did there. Oh yes, shocker, we had a rally. Of all the things in all the places. I know, SUPER original. Totally surprised everyone there...absolutely aston-...ok I'll stop.

Here is a picture of some of us on our way into central:

It was actually a beautiful day - with blue skies and a cool (occasionally chilly) breeze. It was also super nice to see that Big Ben has been freed from its cage of scaffolding. And actually I will say, the wait for its renovations to be complete has been worth it. Ben looks beautiful - or rather the tower that Ben sits in looks beautiful. Does anyone know if the tower itself has a name?? I'm going to google it. Please hold.

*cue elevator music*

Ok I'm back. Apparently it has recently been named the "Elizabeth Tower" in honour of Queen Liz #2. Anyways, I digress.

We actually had a lot of time to admire Parliament as we spent 4 hrs standing outside it, waving posters in its direction. Its only a shame that the architectural beauty of the governmental buildings does not reflect the quality of the amendments being approved there. With the home abortion amendment having lately been approved, it would seem that the final nail has been driven into the proverbial coffin of the hope of an anti-abortion UK. Yet, we press on with our cause - our enthusiasm and outrage are unvanquished.

The recently passed amendment is likely to see a rise in the number of coerced abortions. With so many women admitting after the fact that their abortion was coerced, it is astonishing that this amendment was approved. Closeted abuse by selfish and domineering significant others, peers or family members is now even more possible. The lonely, dark path of abortion just became lonelier and darker.

Because of this, we decided that the theme of our first rally would be "coercion". Dressed in pink and black, we stood before Parliament with coercion themed posters and engaged in discussions on coercion with the general public who passed by. We had steadied ourselves for a torrent of abuse, but were pleasantly surprised by the number of people who actually agreed with us and we managed to have many productive conversations with those who didn't. We even managed to recruit a few more young people. The army grows stronger by the day!

Speaking of the army, we were very pleased with the number of people who came - a huge thank you to you all! The dedication to the cause that was shown at our FIRST EVER Resistance Rally was truly exemplary. Next time we hope to lead an even larger contingent to the gates of Parliament as our army continues to grow!

After 4 hrs of standing and staring at Parliament, we were all in need of refreshment and so took to the nearest tavern for food and drink. There we were joined by even more Abortion Resistance members who were unable to make it to the rally. There really is nothing better than a fresh, crisp bevvy after a long afternoon of peaceful protesting. The rest of the day was spent chatting, drinking and enjoying the warm London evening. Overall, it really was a wonderful start to our series of rallies. We hope to see more young people at the next one!


The Abortion Resistance Founders

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