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Entry 1: Dear diary...

We, the founders, have decided to keep a diary. Because who doesn't love an echo chamber where one can share their thoughts and feelings with no repercussions?? This series will be a way for you to stay in the loop, knowing the innermost concerns and opinions of the founders of Abortion Resistance. Because sometimes you've just got to let it all out.

Anyways, you'll never guess what just happened over the weekend. It was craaazy. We literally cannot wrap our heads around the fact that we have LAUNCHED. Aaaand our launch was a success!

*collective sighs of relief*

After many months of planning, preparing, and pulling our hair out, the launch, launched. Abortion Resistance is born. And we couldn't be more thrilled with how everything panned out.

We had an amazing team of servers who helped make sure all our guests were wined and dined. Check out this cute pic of them not doing their jobs:

So cute.

We had our launch video, created by the amazing videographer Marco, which premiered on the night. It really was wonderful to watch others watch it! To be honest, we barely even saw the video as it premiered - we were so concerned with watching the faces of our guests to determine how well it was being received! The applause at the end assured us that it did the job. I think we can all agree that the beat drop in the middle did the trick.

Shout out to our fabulous photographer John who captured the evening for us, and really did an amazing job making sure everything was photographed. We now have pics to show that it happened.

Also, amazing news! The donations box was full of cash at the end of the night, meaning it's official - there will be another event held by AR thanks to all the wonderful and generous people who donated! If you didn't get a chance to donate but really really want to, we have the details on our website!

It really was encouraging to see how many people came and enforced our belief that the UK wants and needs a youth-focused, pro-life organisation. We even had people coming from as far away as Ireland! Our army has since grown significantly and we are already so excited to see everyone again at our first rally in April. Between then and now we will be writing blogs, recording podcasts, increasing our social media following, painting banners, generally wreaking havoc on the pro-abortion agenda, and continuing to keep the abortion conversation going. Anyways, that's enough for now. Gotta go - there's a comment on one our posts that we've got to respond to.


The Abortion Resistance Founders

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